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Super Switch Ensemble
Access to Music for Macintosh computers

Imagine using a switch to conduct a symphony orchestra, sing a nursery rhyme, improvise a heavy-metal guitar solo, call a western square dance or belt out a smoky blues! Imagine a band of students using an Intellikeys® keyboard and a variety of switches to play folk songs, Christmas carols, jazz, reggae, rock, rap or even classical music!

Super Switch Ensemble enables your students to actively participate in exciting musical activities using your existing adaptive computer equipment and the powerful music synthesizer built into your Macintosh computer. With over 100 songs and activities, your students will sound great the first time they use the program. And best of all, no musical expertise is required!


  • Over 100 songs and activities; simply plug & play!
  • Complete authoring tools to create your own accessible, age-appropriate activities.
  • Allows groups of students with mixed abilities to play together in a cooperative setting.
  • A unique and highly motivating tool for the facilitation of motor, cognitive and social development.
  • No Musical Expertise Required

Input devices
Any input device that works with your computer can be used with Switch Jam. Switches and/or an IntelliKeys keyboard are the most common. A multiple switch interface such as the Switch Interface Pro 5.0 , the QuizWorks USB Switch Interface, or the IntelliSwitch would allow you to connect as many as five switches at a time.


Super Switch Ensemble enables groups of students with mixed abilities to play together in a cooperative setting; each individual working at his/her own level while contributing to the overall performance. With Super Switch Ensemble, players don't interact with the computer; they interact with each other.

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OS 7 through 9.2:
Download Demo (Macintosh, 3MB)

Download Demo (Macintosh, 3MB)

System Requirements:Macintosh (Sysetem 9 or 10)

Purchasing Super Switch Ensemble

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